Dark Pixel Links Star Wars, Mario Kart in New Video

¡También disponible en Español!

Dark Pixel Digital meets for a panel at the Wall in Provo, Utah on April 11, 2015. Photo taken by author.

Dark Pixel Digital (formerly Warialasky) has been making videos for years, ranging from a wide variety of topics, which assures that there is at least something for everyone. Today their YouTube Channel released a brand new, highly anticipated video called Star Kart, which links Star Wars and Mario Kart.

To build awareness and anticipation for the new video, they released a short teaser yesterday.

The incredible new video, which was originally story-boarded by Dark Pixel Digital a year ago, features favorite characters from Mario Kart inside spaceships from the Star Wars movies. Making the video was no simple task, and the quality of the video and its graphics makes this pretty evident. A behind the scenes video showing an inside look at the video’s production is going to be released very soon.

Landon Sperry, Casen Sperry, Mike Brown and Josh Patel make up Dark Pixel Digital and reside in Utah. The group is sure that you will “LOVE” this new video that puts Mario and Star Wars together into one exciting racing video.

Currently the most viewed video on their YouTube channel is Super Mario Brothers Parkour, which has over 30 million views, but expectations are pretty high for Star Kart. Fans can expect Super Mario Brothers Parkour 2 as a follow up soon, so subscribe to their YouTube channel if you’re interested in seeing that video and more!

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